Zero-Trust in Cloud Environments

With the rise of cloud storage and online collaboration, cybersecurity experts recommend a zero-trust model to keep your network safe from potential threats.


It seems like all business is conducted on the cloud these days. With the rise of cloud storage and collaboration comes risk. It is important to ensure that network endpoints are truly secure. Cybersecurity experts recommend a zero-trust model to keep your network safe from potential threats.

The Cloud Explained

Security for a cloud environment

In a cloud environment or hybrid cloud/network environment (which is now the norm, especially post-pandemic, traditional endpoint security can’t ensure total protection. Your cloud security solution will need to ensure protection for all endpoints (physical or cloud-based) as well as facilitate date and application access for authorized users.

Without proper cloud security, your company could be vulnerable to data privacy, data loss and leakage and security control threats.

In order to understand why zero-trust is critical for the cloud, you must first understand what zero-trust Zero-trust protects your business with a continuous verification process, requiring employees to re-obtain access at every entry point. (For a further explanation of zero-trust please see: Why Zero Trust is Essential for Remote Work)

Why Companies Need Zero-trust in a Cloud Environment

A zero-trust security model can work within the cloud to be a proper barrier to entry for unauthorized users. Within all endpoints (physical or cloud-based) you need a mediator to automatically allow authorized users access without admitting unauthorized users.

Zero-trust allows companies to operate confidently within a cloud environment or a hybrid environment that might not be entirely covered by physical network security.

What TorchLight Can Offer

It can be difficult to navigate the complexities of cloud security and know what protection is needed for different endpoints. Torchlight works to understand your business and implement the protection it needs to thrive.

TorchLight can help implement a zero-trust model for your cloud environment by offering the right products supplemented by expert talent and knowledge. TorchLight offers a Cisco product combined with architecture/network engineering to help clients with their particular cybersecurity needs and products to ensure it is executed correctly.

Contact TorchLight to help deploy zero-trust in your business’s cloud environment.