Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

TorchLight MDR is a complete cybersecurity service package that helps TorchLight clients manage and detect threats. Download our one-pager here.

Managed Security Services

Through its MDR cybersecurity service packages, TorchLight helps clients protect their data and assets from real threats that elude common organizational security controls—so they can spend less time chasing down false positives and more time on their core business.

MDR clients also benefit from flexible Security Orchestration Automation & Response (SOAR) implementation options, tailored to meet each client’s specific business needs. This flexibility enables either turnkey solutions—which include TorchLight-provided “Cisco-as-a-Service” Security Hardware and Software (SHS)—or customized “Bring-Your-Own-Tech” (BYOT) solutions, which help clients to effectively leverage their current toolset investments (e.g., SIEM, Vulnerability Scans, Threat Intelligence, Identity Management, etc.) in close integration with TorchLight security processes and personnel.