Within a data breach scenario, an effective incident response plan is critical in limiting the scope and impact of the incident. Having qualified incident responders available to lead an investigation greatly improves the ability of an organization to quickly assess, contain, and eliminate a data incident. For immediate assistance please fill out our Incident Response form.

Incident Response Form

Fill out this form if you have an incident you need to report.


Your organization has experienced a breach and needs immediate remediation and activation to maintain business continuity and compliance. Hourly based model, dependent on complexity, and timeline to resolve. Emergency IR includes:

  • Incident Response Playbook by Certified Professionals
  • Remote and On-Site Support
  • Triage Analysis
System Hacked


Your organization is looking to be prepared for if/and when incident remediation may need to happen. Hourly based retainer model. Retainer includes:

  • 24x7x365 Security Incident Hotline
  • Remote Support within 12 hours
  • On-Site Support within 36 hours
  • Flexible Use of Hours
  • Pre-Negotiated Rates and Standard Contract
  • Triage Analysis

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We offer a variety of Incident Response Solutions based on the needs of your organization