As an organization embarks on several essential and complex IT projects, it is important to have access to experienced leadership that understands the complexities of Information Technology. To that end, TorchLight will partner with clients to provide a TorchLight virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), to guide the long-term and short-term development of the IT function within their business. A vCIO performs the same functions as a full time CIO, while using only a fraction of the time and leveraging standardized methodologies developed by TorchLight.

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Outcomes for Client Utilizing vCIO

  • An initial assessment of people, process, and technology and the alignment of those pillars with the business strategy
  • Monthly, executive-level IT dashboards describing the state and quality of the services provided by IT
  • 3-year IT road map with business alignment, completed/updated annually
  • Workflow analysis and recommendation as needed/changes introduced
  • Monthly metric reporting for the CIO role, describing the posture of the organization

Additional Outcomes

  • Management/direction of the IT controls to be implemented
  • Annual IT budget preparation and support
  • As needed technical contract review for new IT purchases/implementations
  • Management of the risk register, including audit findings, with quarterly reporting to Leadership