Employee Training & Email Security

Find out why employee training is essential for maintaining email security and protecting your business.


Employee Training & Email Security

Some of the weakest points in a security environment can be caused by the people within your organization. Your company’s cybersecurity posture can be improved through continuous employee training, encouragement, and assessments.

Why Employee Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Is Important

Those within your organization are some of your biggest assets and (potentially) biggest threats in the fight to keep your business protected. Email security cannot simply be fixed with a tool. It requires awareness and participation from your employees. Malware, such as viruses, worms, spyware can infiltrate your workspace through malicious emails, controlling your workspace and changing privileges. Employee engagement with spam/phishing emails can cause major security problems. Phishing emails are designed to trick employees into responding and disclosing sensitive information, so the people in your organization must correctly identify which emails are spam/phishing in case the system’s email filtration doesn’t catch them.

Recommendations to Improve Employee Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

For the safety of your business, it’s important to make employee cybersecurity training a top priority. Here are three recommendations on how to improve your cybersecurity training and awareness

1) Continuous training of security practices

Familiarize your employees with adopting security practices. The best security policies won’t matter if your people do not use them. Reacquaint your employees with security practices on a regular basis and test for adoption. Beginning employee training, but not enforcing that training could cause your security posture to slip. Continuous training will allow for security protocols to stay top of mind for employees.

2) Start from the top – down

To correctly mentor others, executives need to first understand security practices themselves. Ensure your executive leadership also completes the proper cybersecurity training so that they can serve as a good example for others to follow.

3) Encourage a more positive reaction by creating incentives

Rewards are a great way to get your employees to positively think about security management. Set up a training goal to encourage employees to make progress and then provide positive reinforcement.

How to Accurately Assess Your Company’s Cybersecurity Posture

TorchLight can help improve your business’ cybersecurity posture through the right technology and training. The KnowBe4 tool allows you to keep score of people’s behavior, training and response piece, so you have a better idea of who is paying attention to security protocols. TorchLight can also help with employee training, helping your organization’s greatest assets (your people) recognize potential email threats and understand the risks. TorchLight experts have studied how bad actors carry out their attacks, allowing us to identify common email threats and the kind of security response that works against them. To learn more about common phishing tactics visit our previous blog on the matter here: https://torchlight.io/blog/what-to-know-about-email-security/

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